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  • Todd Unruh

more insight from the ranch girls.....

She wakes up to the sun shining in her window. She thinks of God and takes a moment to talk to Him. Later on in the day, things start happening. Plans are changing, everything is different than she had imagined. Chaos reigns. So she turns to God and asks Him, “What do You have for me here?” And He says, “Trust Me.” Peace fills her heart, and she faces the rest of the day with a new strength.

How often are we like this girl? Is it our first response/reaction to go to God when things get rough? Or do we try to do things on our own and then when that isn’t working, we go to God? It is easy to know God is there when everything is going good, but when life looks dark and everything is going wrong we sooner tend to doubt God is there. But He always is there. It is often in the mess we find His peace and answers.


There are billions of people in the world. God makes things happen to either teach you a lesson or protect you. He gives you the people to help you with your problems… whether it be getting a splinter out of your foot or helping you with your pain or hurt. Then there’s the people he gives you to hurt you or betray you. Those people are there for the lesson of it and to help you remember you’re stronger than the hurt that person caused. He also has the people that leave you. Those people leave because it was God’s protection. Those people might have been the best people while talking to you, but then they go talk behind your back. God sent those people into your life to save you and then leave you as well. Then there’s the people who are meant to love you and make you the person you’re meant to be. Those people are the best kind of people in your life because what’s better than feeling love? You need these people to help you on your journey through life. You need every single one of these people to help make you who you are, whether you believe that or not… and that is why God puts them in your life. Everyone and everything in your life is put there for a purpose and you’ll realize this one day.

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