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Ranch Reflections Newsletter

Hello from Raising Hope Ranch! Most of you probably know about and are subscribers to our CV Messenger/Telegram channel that we created back in the spring. That's where we post our quarterly newsletter that gives a few glimpses into Ranch life. But in case there are some of you who aren't aware of it, and would like to sign up, you can click on the link below. And feel free to send the link to anyone that you think might be interested in RHR happenings! Thanks to all of you for your interest & support!

Todd Unruh


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6 girls. 3 canoes. 33 miles. 4 bald eagles. 2 full bottles of sunscreen. 12 sand scraped knees. one tube of toothpaste. 6 little cook stoves. wilderness. the buffalo river. paddles dip & swing. should

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“Hey”, I ask, “me?” “Yes, you,” He points a finger at my chest, then He says, “You, my child, I love you so much… you can’t even begin to imagine all the love I have for you; for I placed you in your

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Throughout this late summer and fall, most mornings have found me headed east into the glorious sunrise, arriving at Raising Hope Ranch by 7:30 just in time for the 30 minute exercise period. Yoga ma


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