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The subject for the following essays written by the Ranch girls is the word “DESERVE”… What does the word deserve mean to you?  “There are so many things we believe we are entitled to.  We hold a fistful of hopes and dreams and desires and wants” (Freeman 2011)

 Brokenness is choosing to let go of

My rights to a good reputation.

My rights to have acceptance.

My right to be successful.

My right to have pleasant circumstances.

My right to beauty and strength.

My right to have friends.

My right to be heard.

My right to take offense.

My right to avoid reaping what you sow.

My right to be right.

My right to see results.

My right to be loved by others.

-Emily P. Freeman

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Inspiration From the Girls

Finding Yourself

Finding myself is a very difficult thing to do. It's not easy at all. When you have things blocking you inside, it's hard. All the belief, truths, and also the lies you believe are blocking you; so you can't see the real you.

     For me, I have not found who I am. It's like walking through a huge corn maze, and you're not sure which way to turn. You know you can't get to yourself without working on those beliefs, truths, and lies.

     God knows who you are and what you need. You're not lost inside because you have God with you. Calling on God will help you find yourself.

     When we are young, we catch things that are not true and we twist them in our minds to where we believe they are true. Believing things that are unhealthy is not really a smart idea to think. All the things we believe that are not true set us all back, which helps us not to see our own self. When I believe things are true that aren't, I get set back; and then I get very grumpy and irritated at people. 

     I have not experienced this yet, but I can imagine it. When you are able to find yourself under all those beliefs, truths, and lies; it probably is like finding gold in a treasure box under the house. Everybody will be happier if they are are willing to get ride of all those beliefs, truths, and lies that they are holding to help protect themselves.

Essay written while studying Grace and Healing for Wounded Souls

by Minister Greg Dyck:

      When someone does something to me that I don’t like and it has to do with me, it is hard to forgive them.  But when I ask the Lord to help me, it is easier.  But as I write this out I ask myself, ‘can I forgive myself for what I did in the past?’  If I don’t forgive myself and put the mistakes from the past on a shelf, I will keep doing them.  I am working on my life and fighting to get of my cocoon and, true, I will face hard places.  But if I don’t forgive myself and give the past to God, the past will keep coming to my head and remind me of what I had done.  I probably then would think bad things about myself and beat myself for what I did in the past.  So that is one thing that I also want to work on when the Lord says.  I feel that the Lord is telling me all of this.  I also thought about the mistakes I will make in the future.. Will I forgive myself for them?  Now that I am noticing about forgiveness will it be easier in the future?  When I pray I say, “Lord, forgive me where I have failed thee.”  He does forgive us, but is the forgiveness completed?  I think that for me to be totally forgiven the Lord forgives me and I must forgive myself too.

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