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More inspirations from the ranch girls.....

“Hey”, I ask, “me?”

“Yes, you,” He points a finger at my chest, then He says, “You, my child, I love you so much… you can’t even begin to imagine all the love I have for you; for I placed you in your mother’s womb for a purpose.” I look Him deeply in His eyes and He looks into mine. He takes my hand and says, “Let’s go visit.” I nod as He guides me to this quiet place on a moss-covered log. I feel comforted; we sit down, and He gently places a hand on my back. I lean into Him, and He asks me how I’m doing. I study Him thoughtfully and then answer, “Good.” He smiles. Some birds chirp in the distance and the tiny creek gurgles; we talk about the flowers and plants, and He gently explains everything to me. Then I’m worried. I don’t show it though. Then He asks me, “What’s troubling you, child?” I glance away, unable to meet His eyes. And then, before I even have time to think, I blurt out, “I’m taking up your time- I mean… I’m not that important.” I quiver. His hand moves around my shoulder, and He says, “Child, I have all day, all week, decades with you. You are my child; I enjoy being with you. I love you for you are my creation.” I smile and He does too, and I sit comforted in His presence.


Yes, you. God enjoys being with you. God enjoys YOU, enjoys your company, enjoys the particular ways you’ve been made. (He fashioned you, after all!) He chooses us and delights in us and likes spending time with us. Can you dare to let yourself believe that today?

When I think about God, I tend to think of this big, powerful man way up in Heaven watching over us all. He is busy (not too busy), and He has other people He’s focusing on… the important people such as ministers, political leaders, etc. And He has other “extreme” people, like the ones who are living rough lives and all, and He is trying to call them to Him. But me… What about me? Well, guess what! I am just as important as everyone else. And He chooses me. He delights in me. He likes spending time with me. And He loves ME! He likes everything about the way I was made. He even likes my quirks because He gave them to me. He made me, planned my life, and fashioned me. So why would He not like me? Why would He not want to be around me? So, with all that said, do I truly believe it? Do I truly, honestly believe it, to the very core of my being? Or do I just say it because that is what other people tell me, it’s what other people believe? But it is TRUE, and nothing you could ever do could change it. So, believe it, dear soul, and bask fully in the warmth of His love for you. Yes, YOU!


Did you know that God loves you so very much? He’s absolutely giddy about you. You don’t need to become a movie star or a doctor or even a president, for God loves you just the way you are. He is head over heels in love with you. Think of all the hurt you’re holding. Do you like holding it or would you want God to take away all that pain? What’s stopping you? Fear of failure? I agree… it’s scary, but Jesus has you! Surrendering is the best answer. Are you afraid that if you give up everything that you will just start stacking stuff up again? Well, don’t be afraid, because He will help you every step of the way. I like the example of floating because it is so true! When floating you have to let everything go. If you don’t, you will sink. That is the same as surrendering everything to God. Why do we hide when we know that God can still see us? Or, maybe, I am hiding myself because I don’t want to be me. Just remember God wants the BEST for you and He loves you!

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Jera Doerksen
Jera Doerksen
Feb 12, 2022


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